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How your business is listed online
ex: 123 Main Street, Anytown, State Zipcode

Your business needs 3 things

  1. Brand – A way to show prospective customers what is being Seen and Said about your business
  2. Customers Now – a way to get customers in the door NOW
  3. Customers Later – a way to keep businesses coming through the door

Brand is comprised of 3 categories

  1. Reviews
  2. Website
  3. Social Media

Reviews are Indirect Revenue. People usually looking at reviews are already interested in your service. 76% of people will look online to read reviews before making a purchasing decision. So if someone reads a good review, that reaffirms their choice to do business with you.

You will want to leverage your previous and existing customers who have used your services by sending them a non-intrusive email with a link asking them to leave a review. If people are interested, they will leave a review. If it’s a positive review, list it in Google, Facebook, etc. That will give you a good foundation of reviews. Then you want to be sure your new customers, either during payment or shortly thereafter, leave a review.

If someone has a bad experience, you want to address that because 48% of people say they will not purchase or use a service if there are bad reviews. You want to pay attention to that – because a simple 1 star difference in a review can affect revenue up to 10%. So if you go from a 3 star to a 5 star it can increase your revenue – but it can go the other way also.

Now if someone gets the link to review your business and gives a 2 star review, instead of going out to the internet where people will see it, you will want the review to go directly to you. The benefit to this is, it allows you to realize a customer had a bad experience so you can fix that issue – whether it’s an issue to fix, or just to address their concerns. What it mainly does is prevents that review from getting out to the internet. A lot of time, just being able to voice their concerns calms them down. We’ve seen it before where after addressing their concern, the negative then turns into a positive review.

Can you see how managing your reviews can have a big impact on your business outlook?
P.S if you would like help bringing in more reviews to your business, book a call with us