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SEO Company in Albany

In today’s fiercely competitive digital arena, you can no longer achieve greater brand exposure on the Internet by simply doing one thing and one thing, alone. This is why Webs Unweaved, an SEO company in Albany, offers an all-inclusive website solution to our clients. We want to make sure that your online presence is sharp and in-focus through a combination of web design, SEO, and WordPress maintenance. Plus, we offer security measures to safeguard your site, and custom applications for those with specific business challenges.

More than that, we provide flexible payment options to go with your tailored web solutions package. This way, you can easily afford all the services you need, and cut the ones that you don’t require. We want to help as many businesses as possible, and we can provide you with a full spectrum of our services, as needed. It’s our priority to address your website’s issues, from the common to the tricky matters, and give you back a functional and good-looking site.


Feel free to choose among our SEO packages to see what best fits your needs and budget. We’ll explain each option, so that you are well-aware of what you’re getting and how this can help you. This is an effective method to drive more traffic to your website.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC is SEO’s cost-effective arm, which requires you to pay only for the clicks that you actually get. We’ll deliver ads with smart, well-written copies to make sure that we hook searchers and Internet users with the biggest potential to be your customers. Talk to us to learn more about it.

Custom Design

We’ll make your website exactly as you wish, down to the trim of the page, the text and the images. Don’t worry because our team will work with you to create the most pleasing designs for the site. Our goal is to create consistency between your site design and your brand identity.

Wordpress Maintenance

For CMS based on WordPress, our team can help maintain your website. We can help you keep your site as secure and glitch-free, as possible. Rely on us to solidify your website’s security, to provide you valuable feedback about its performance, and ultimately, to protect your online investment.

Consult with Webs Unweaved, as soon as you can. We’ll be glad to utilize our expertise for your benefit.


Looking for something different? Aside from our packages, you can also hire our team to carry out individual services. Take a look at our toolbox.



Contact us for an application that isn’t “Off the Shelf”. We can create a web application that is tailored to your business whether it’s construction, accounting, or technical.



Struggling to find the right words? Our copywriting team helps you speak directly to your ideal clients with targeted language and content.



Work with our branding expert and take your business to the next level. Whether you are starting from scratch or want a complete refresh, we can help your business stand out.

Graphic Design


We offer an efficient graphic design service to cover all your design needs, including design for print ie- leaflets, posters, banners and business cards.


If you would like to hire us for any of these services then please contact us and we can have a chat.


Other than social media, most of our new clients come via “Word-of-Mouth” advertising from the people we have worked with. Here is our testimonial of the month.

“I worked with Michael and Webs Unweaved after making the important decision last year, to update my Website.  Michael brilliantly turned my static Website into a user friendly Website where visitors could easily navigate the tools and information that are provided.  I could capture visitors by having them fill out a simple form if interested.  I can now also go onto my Website and make updates myself which was not available to me with my old site.  Michael listened to what I wanted, worked around my time constraints,  used the material that I chose and provided a beautiful and unique site that I am very happy with.  He is available to make changes when needed.  The whole experience was extremely positive.  I highly recommend Webs Unweaved. “

Patricia A. Morrison

CEO, Prime Placement Solutions

“We have been with Webs Unweaved for about 3 years. We were in desparate need of a website since our previous web company couldn’t keep up with their expenses and had to shut down – which shut us down. We started with a website and about a week after, started Local SEO. We have been complimented on our website but what has been most profitable has been the traffic we are getting due to the Local SEO we are recieving from Webs Unweaved. With Webs Unweaved’s commitment our shop is able to compete against other shops in the area. We are continuously #1 on Google for our keywords, and we have more business than we have had before Webs Unweaved’s help. Webs Unweaved is more affordable since they are a smaller company, yet they operate like bigger national SEO companies. Our costs have been lower and our results and ROI have been higher thanks to Webs Unweaved.”

Labella Pizza

Owner, Labella Pizza

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