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Wordpress Maintenance

Wordpress Maintenance

We help keep your website running smoothly so your customers get the best experience possible. We provide backups, updates, and security, taking the worry off your hands.

Learning the technical side of WordPress’ CMS technical functions will take time. And, for a business owner whose time is better spent monitoring daily operations, it’s wise to invest in the services of professionals who are well-versed with the CMS platform. That’s us! At Webs Unweaved, our team can get to the core of CMS to ensure that everything’s A-okay.

You’ll get regular reports about the health of your website, as well as the occasional risk report. On today’s digital landscape, cyber security risks are an ever-present reality, but that’s why we’re here. We’ll monitor your website 24/7, you can count on that. There’s no one better in Albany to provide WordPress maintenance than Webs Unweaved. Call us, today!

WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE for only $40/month!

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We keep a watchful eye on when your Wordpress, Themes, and Plugins are ready to update. This keeps your website bug free and running fast so that every customer interaction on your site is as smooth as possible.

Ask us about optimizing the speed of your site!


It is essential that any website has constant backups in case of any server issues. We take regular backups of your site once a week and after every update to ensure your website is always protected.


Keeping your website secure is an ongoing task. We offer basic security, monitoring, and updates on a weekly basis to protect you against malicious activity. If anything does happen, we step in and do what is needed to get you back up and running.