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Stop paying for expensive leads that go to five other businesses before they get to you. We provide you with exclusive leads for your niche and location. Contact us today to learn more about our local lead strategies.

What if your biggest challenge was keeping up with all the business you were getting? What if you could grow your business without ever having to make one cold call or knock on any doors? What if you could get double digit returns from your marketing investment?

For profitable growth, local businesses in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and across the country trust the experts at Webs Unweaved to deliver the leads that result in profitable growth year after year.

Lead generation is critical to marketing success.

80% of the most effective B2B content marketers cite lead generation as a goal, with at least 50% of B2C content marketers citing it as a top goal.

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Business for Local Search

  1. Get listed and verified on the “the Big 3”

    Google, Yahoo, and Bing are places where your business needs to be listed. 99% of people turn to these three search engines to search for businesses.  Are you listed here? Could you be missing out on potential customers? Build, optimize, and claim your local business on all three of these search engines for optimal return and to ensure you are appearing where customers are looking for you.

  2. Use geographic terms to let search engines target for you

    Are you a plumber targeting Troy, NY? What about a landscaper with a target market in Saratoga Springs? Perhaps you are an attorney in Albany, NY looking for personal injury cases. Whatever your niche, target your searches to areas where you want to drive additional business. Include those keywords in the header, body, and full content of your pages and links. Try adding your city in your URL or domain as well. That said, stay away from “keyword stuffing”. While commonly found on many sites, it’s still a big no-no for your major search engines. Your content of your site and SEO should make sense to the everyday reader. For instance, my site wouldn’t say that you should get an Albany, NY website because an Albany website is the best website in Albany that you can find… but, I might say, if you are an Albany area business owner in need of a website, Webs Unweaved is the place to go!

  3. Use your blog

    Website blogging is great way to reach more customers. Many times, people are searching online for services, but they also search for help. If you can reach potential customers and offer them educational, quality insight about your trade, they will turn to you when they do need those services. The search engines also recognize what you contribute to your readers and reward you by way of page rank.

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