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Webs Citation + GMB

Rank In Google’s Map Pack

Webs Citation + GMB will focus on optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) page and standardizing your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on the internet.

Cost: $197 / month

If you have a business, you MUST have a Google My Business (GMB) page if you want customers, clients, sales, or leads. A GMB page is the foundation of any business marketing plan.

Your Google My Business (GMB) page must include your standardized Business Name, Address, and Phone (NAP). This will be compared by Google to hundreds of other directories (Citation Listings) to determine where they will rank you. Your NAP needs to match on all these directories or your rank will suffer.

Optimizing your GMB page will ensure you will rank ahead of your competition. We optimize your GMB so you can be sure that it is filled out correctly.

“Citations” refer to any time your business name, address and phone number (NAP) are mentioned by local websites, review platforms, local directories, blogs, social media pages, apps etc.

Your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is the most important part of an online citation – and they are standard in all directories.

Directory listings and citations play a very important role in the success of any local SEO strategy. Citation signals represent:

  • 13% of local ranking factors for the local pack (aka Map Search or Map Pack).
  • 8% of local ranking factors for local organic search.

Directory listings and citations are not something you can ignore and have long-term success.

Citations matter to local businesses for two reasons:

  1. Citations Impact Local Search Engine Rankings

    The number of citations a business collects, the accuracy of the data they feature, and the quality of the platforms they exist on all influence rankings. Search engines like Google gather data about each business. When business information is inaccurate this can negatively impact the business with lower rankings.

  2. Citations Can Impact Potential Consumers

    Accurate citations help people discover a local business, which can result in web, phone, and foot traffic. This traffic ultimately leads to business transactions.

If your phone number or address is incorrect on a particular directory listing you run the risk of misdirecting potential customers, leading to lost sales and revenue.

  • Fixing incorrect Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) information across the web will
    • Make it easier for consumers to contact your business
    • Help your business show higher in Google search results (Organic + Map Listings)

What is the difference between Webs Citation + GMB and Webs Citation Cleanup?

Choose Webs Citation + GMB if you aren’t listed in at least 70+ directories. Webs Citation + GMB is a monthly service. We will consistently submit your NAP to at least 70+ directories per month.

Choose Webs Citation Cleanup when you have citations in many directories that are not consistent. Webs Citation Cleanup is a one time charge to standardize your NAP in the directories you are listed in.

What We Do

Fixing these issues isn’t an easy ordeal. Every citation source is different and as a result, a lot of manual labor is required to contact each site to correct the information.

This is why we put together our Webs Citation Cleanup Service, where you can just push a button and our team of trained experts will:

  • Complete A Full Citation Audit For Your Business
  • Locate All The Incorrect Information
  • Contact Each Citation Source Individually
  • Fix All Of Your Citation Issues
  • Deliver Detailed, Comprehensive Report

We do this all to make sure you have the best opportunity to rank (and crush your competitors). We essentially do all the work for you, and give you a pretty report at the end.