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Welcome to Softscape

Softscape is a web application created for landscape companies who are employed on long-term contracts by utility companies whose trucks and equipment cause damage to property.

Utilities, send landscape companies a spreadsheet of addresses to repair. Softscape takes a basically unusable spreadsheet of addresses and creates an environment conducive to analytics

Spreadsheets are for graphing and analyzing numbers, not for holding data. By placing the data from the spreadsheet into a database, we are able to manipulate, analyze, query, report, download, and track from practically anywhere!

Import -> Map -> Dispatch -> Track -> Report -> Invoice

With Softscape, landscapers are able to dispatch addresses to their crews, and track the crew’s progress with emails that are sent in real-time to the dispatcher when each address is completed. Real-time statistics and reports show how many address are completed and how many square feet have been done. Once an address has been completed, it will be ready to be invoiced. With a click of a button, a spreadsheet will be generated and available to be sent to the utility to be paid.

Home Page

Mapping Feature – Dispatch and Submit your work from the map!

Product Features


Import spreadsheets of addresses and manage them from Softscape instead of Excel



Dispatch the work to your crew and they will complete it from the field using their smartphones. Emails are sent to you in real-time as your crew completes the work.



Reports let you see how you’re doing. See work that’s been sitting for awhile, urgent sites, stats, duplicates, and work that just doesn’t look right.


Softscape will generate invoices for you to send to your client

Import Spreadsheet

It all starts here – importing your spreadsheet. Spreadsheet data isn’t always normalized. There are a few guidelines to follow but if you can work a spreadsheet, you can import using our application. Otherwise, we’ll import your data for you – no extra charge, simply send us the spreadsheet.

Dispatch Your Crew

With all your data ready to go, dispatch out the addresses you’d like your crew to work on for the day. We make it easy by generating a spreadsheet, sorted by city and address, so your crew isn’t bouncing around from one city to the next.

If you’re a visual dispatcher, use our map to see where all your addresses are! The map shows different color pins for addresses that are urgent or not urgent.

The info window shows the area’s greater than 150 sqft, greater than 500 sqft, greater than 1000 sqft, and greater than 3000 sqft, so you can plan the equipment you need.

Save time by either submitting an address or getting directions – RIGHT FROM THE MAP!

For an easier day on your part, let your crew leaders dispatch out where they are going. When they log in, they have access to dispatching and the map.


Once your crew is finished grading and throwing some topsoil, they simply open the website on their phones, search for the address they worked on, and fill out the form – AND THIS IS A TIME SAVER – They can use the map to submit their work!

Once the form is submitted, you get an email notification saying it was done and it’s immediately available for reporting!


    • We provide 5 reports with more to come.
      • Stats Report – This report shows you, by crew, how many sites were done and how many square feet completed.  This is a great up-to-the-minute metric to know how your crew is performing.  Also included are: Total Addresses, Address Completed, Addresses Left To Do, and Square Footage Completed.
      • Misfits Report – This is something that is difficult to do in a spreadsheet.  We show you where things “don’t look right”.
        • Section 1 – shows addresses that have been completed but no work was actually done.
        • Section 2 – Show up sites:  Those sites where you get to the address and the owner doesn’t want you to do their lawn for some reason, or better yet, there’s no house! Your crew filling out the form would select, “Showup” because they took the time and gas to get to the address, you should get paid for going, and you will invoice for those addresses.  This part of the report will show you those addresses that a “Showup” was selected, but other work was done such as topsoil or grading.  That wouldn’t look right.
        • Section 3 – This is the section where no square footage was entered, and “Showup” is No and something else was done such as Topsoil, Grading, etc.  If the crew lays down Topsoil or does Grading, etc. there should be square footage associated with it. On the form, if square footage is 0, we require a note.  All addresses should show a square footage unless it is a “Showup”.  As such, “Show up” should not have square feet.
      • Urgent Report – we let you tailor your addresses by priority, Urgent and Standard. This report shows which addresses are a High Priority.
      • Duplicate Report – This report shows duplicates that may get into the system. Possible reasons can be
        • The utility sent it before – if this happens, it could be they have a need for you to go back to the site.  Most likely they will have another Work Request number.
        • Another possibility is the data entry person just entered it more than once.  It is very easy to duplicate accidently using a spreadsheet.
        • We have 3 levels of duplicates:
          • True Duplicates – those with the same Date Received, Work Request number, Address, and Township are the same
          • Work Request Duplicates – where Work Request number, Address, and Township are the same
          • Address Duplicates – where Address, and Township are the same
      • Aging Report – those addresses that have been sitting around for a while.


    • We have 3 invoices – more can be added as needed – but this should cover what you need
      • Softscape Invoice – This invoice you will use the most since most jobs are laying down topsoils and grading.  This invoice is ready when you have Topsoiled, Graded, and Hydroseeded (or seeded)
      • Sod Invoice – This is when you have invoices showing your crew sodded.
      • Showup Invoice – When you show up and the owner didn’t want the work done, there is construction that will take a while and you need to hold off until the construction is done, or an address doesn’t exist.


Gain access to your data! If you ever need to insert, update, or delete an address, you have full control. We only allow you to “mark” for deletion – this doesn’t actually delete, it just makes the address unavailable to be queried.

We give you three search criteria. On the Admin Search Form, you can be as specific as you want. Search by the Address, Township, or Work Request Number – OR search using all three! For example: if you know your address and township, select an address and township.

Addresses are color coded to be seen easier. Find the urgent sites and invoiced addresses quicker.

Admin Edit Form

Edit practically everything about an address on the Admin Intake Form.

Admin Insert Form

At times you want to add an address “on-the-fly”, the Admin Insert Form will do.

No Fuss Cancellation

If at any point you do not want to continue with this service, cancel. You don’t lose any of your data! All your data is downloadable in a spreadsheet format better than the way it went in. We include all the work, dates, and notes you generated.

$300/month - Register Today

Your first month is FREE when you register today!
Nothing to lose - Cancel anytime - No cancelation fees
Our friendly support staff will walk you through the whole process.