The Need for (Better) Speed: Improving Page Load Speed for Your Website | Webs Unweaved

Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, the saying has no hold over most online visitors; they won’t waste their time waiting for a slow site to load. Having a slow page load speed is bad for any online business because when visitors or potential customers move on out of frustration, the company misses the chance to do conversions and make a sale. Moreover, the negative user experience might deter visitors from visiting the site again.

Website owners who find their website to be loading slower than usual can keep these things in mind to improve page load speed and prevent losing potential customers.

Optimize Image Files

While photos and graphics are top engagement factors with readers, uploading large graphic files on your website can significantly slow down your page load speed. Moreover, even if the image is beautiful and compelling, the visitor will never find out because they aren’t likely to wait long enough for the entire image to finish loading. So, be sure to optimize the images by reducing their file size. This simple but effective step will make images easier to display on your page.

Look for Coding Problems

If oversized, slow-loading images aren’t the problem, dig deeper and check the coding on the website. Sometimes, the culprits of slow loading speed are bad coding and scripts. If you’re good at programming, you can probably fix this issue on your own. You can even use free tools on the web to help you identify coding problems on your site. If coding isn’t your forte, however, leave the matter to the professionals.

Conduct a Website Audit

Apart from checking for coding issues, it’s also worthwhile to perform a website audit. Auditing your site can ensure that it is providing the services that your visitors expect. An audit would typically check how long a site takes to load on different devices. It can also look at other issues such as cross-browser performance.

If you’re looking for professionals who can audit your website for page load speed problems, Webs Unweaved is here to help. We’re an SEO company in Albany that can help you make your website perform in peak condition. We also do regular website updates to keep your website bug-free and running fast so that all customer interactions on your site goes smoothly.

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